If you are interested in having Keith Ferrante come speak at your church, conference, school, etc. please fill out this short questionnaire. Keith loves coming to bless and help build the body of Christ.

Several things Keith needs to make your time with him more impacting.

     1. Keith asks that you not request him to prophecy over groups of people, leadership teams, etc. You are welcome to share with him about someone you would like him to meet. Prophetic ministry flows better from Keith when it is organic and not required. If it is required usually Keith will politely decline. If you are wanting him to come because you love the prophetic then please trust that the ones God wants to minister to will be ministered to prophetically. Thank you for your understanding in this.

     2. Keith loves to minister through prophetic song. If it is possible to have a good sounding keyboard available with a microphone on a boom-stand that would be great. It makes it easy then for Keith to move into ministry from the piano if the Lord is moving that direction in a meeting. Once again we would ask that you not require Keith to minister in song but be ready with the right equipment if that is where the ministry should go. Thank you!

   Here is the questionnaire to fill out. If some of these requests are difficult for you to meet please feel free to explain the reasons below. Keith is very gracious and ministers in many different types of places and with many different ranges of accommodations and financial situations. This questionare just helps make is easier on Keith to know what to expect.

Name *
Travel Expenses *
Will you pay for the ticket and baggage costs of the airfare ticket to fly Keith to your location? Will you cover gas costs if it is within driving distance?
Accomodations *
Will you put Keith up in a hotel that is clean, safe, smoke free and free of turmoil and warfare?
Product Table *
Will you have someone available that can run Keith's product table as well as have an available phone that can use the Square Reader app. to accept credit card charges?