Prophetic LIfe Coach





with Magnus Sund



Magnus is an amazing prophet known to help people come into incredible breakthroughs out of his years of experience in God, pastoral leadership, and coaching. 

Magnus has an amazing gift of coaching marketplace leaders, church leaders, and emerging prophets. Magnus grew up in Sweden where he started and pastored several cutting edge churches. He has spent the last few years in Vacaville CA, where he is recognized as a prophet of wisdom and peace. Magnus specializes in helping people get free of the obstacles that keep them from their destiny, healthy relationships, and connection with God. Magnus is passionate about connecting people to health out of his years of learning a healthy connection with God, leaders, and people. 

Magnus helps people discover:

  •       The roadblocks to peace with God
  •       Their future
  •       Relational constraints
  •       What their giftings/abilities are
  •       The needed character to step into a healthy place as a person
  •       Areas of relational growth
  •       Healthy boundaries
  •       Incorrect belief systems about God, you, and others and replaces them with healthy ones
  •       Healthy Emotional intelligence – Teaching you how to be healthy emotionally
  •       Training in honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability
  •       Spiritual parenting (teach you how to be a great spiritual mentor)
  •       How to embrace sonship (teach how to receive love)
  •       How to bring Kingdom atmosphere, values, and heavens insights to workplace and life
  •       God’s now word for situations as well as teaching people how to hear God’s voice for their life and arenas of influences



If you're wanting to see yourself go to the next level, break through constraints, get fresh clarity for your next season, and connect to the voice of God; sign up with Magnus. 



If you are interested in having Magnus as a Prophetic Consultant please fill out the application below and describe the areas that you would like advancement in. You start with one session to see if this is a good fit for you and Magnus and then afterwards set up a series of sessions as needed. Ongoing session fees will be discussed as other sessions are needed.  For more info contact Magnus at



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