One Day Emerging Prophets Encounter INtensives

We're excited to be hosting one day Emerging Prophet Encounter intensives. This is a six to nine hour concentrated training time for those looking to develop into the office of the prophet. Our four main goals of these type of intensives is to encounter the Holy Spirit, activate gifting's, develop prophetic community in a specific region, and discover, train and develop emerging prophetic voices towards their calling as a prophet. 

The goal of these days are similar to the goals of our weekly schools but different. Similar in that we want to achieve the similar goals we achieve during a full time school but different in that students can explore the emerging prophet training concept without fully committing to being apart of a full time emerging prophets school. This is one of the beginning stages where people can decide if they want to undertake a greater commitment towards their prophetic call and get involved in a regional emerging prophet school or pursue their development through our online school.  

The only requirement we have for someone getting into these one day intensives is that you are not a beginner in the prophetic. You need to have been through some training and know the basics about prophesying, etc. If you have been in a prophetic community for a while or gone through a supernatural school of some kind that is very helpful, but not mandatory. 

If you are interested in hosting an Emerging Prophet Encounter Intensive please write to: