We have several healthy local Emerging Prophet Leaders who run local Emerging Prophet Schools. We encourage you to check out their local school because our heart is that you would be connected globally to our online Master Class, etc. But to also then be connected to a local school. You can also reach out if you are interested in being apart of starting a local school in your area. Here are the names, location, and emails of the people who have a local school. Please feel free to reach out to their email for more info on joining their local Emerging Prophets School.

Vacaville, California. Keith Ferrante, admin@emergingprophets.com

Amarillo, Texas. Bill and Cathy Johnson, kathyjohnson@tfc.org

Houston, Texas, Sandy Krishack, epic@cchouston.org , www.epic.vcchouston.org

Dallas, Texas, Miriam Evans, mevans@trinitychurch.org, www.trinitychurch.org/emergingprophets.com

Pasadena, California, Charmain Chen, Eppasadena@gmail.com

Folkerstone, Kent, England, Rebecca King, rebecca@rebeccaking.org

Michelle Passey, Edgewood, Washington, regionalprophetictraining@gmail.com

Jacquiline Lorenz, Canada, jacquilinelorenz5@gmail.com