In scripture we see two different prophet types running together in several places in the Bible. Aaron and Moses were one set. They were both prophets. Aaron was an armor bearer prophet and Moses was a leader who was a signs n wonders prophet.

     We also see another set of prophets that were significant... Jesus and John the Baptist. John was birthed into an old and seasoned priestly family and Jesus was birthed into a young and pure family. John's parents were set apart and pure and so they could be entrusted with a fire prophet to come from their loins. Jesus was birthed from a young and innocent family that believed and cherished the prophetic and so they could be entrusted with the savior of the world who was also a prophet.

     John's ministry was about fire. He was a fire prophet. His job was to soften the hearts of the people so they’d be pricked with conviction and restored back to the standard God had set for them. His job was to get the people ready for a move of God.  Then there was Jesus, the savior of the world and a signs and wonders prophet who would lead people into the promise land of the Kingdom of God. Jesus was about signs n wonders, love, harvest, freedom from religion, and restoration to childlike love for God and others.

       Some of us as prophetic people seem to operate like Jesus in one season and John in another. How do you know what prophet type you most resonate with? First, it can be seasonal. In one season you may be called to embody the heart of John the Baptist. In the next, Jesus. I know it’s a mystery. Why do we need a John the Baptist prophetic people anymore since Jesus already came? We need John because people still get cold or lukewarm about God today. This requires a John ministry to come along. Men like Steve Hill, Leonard Ravenhill, etc. embodied the John the Baptist anointing well. They release a powerful cry to purity and the standard of God.  God wants to be wanted. He’s a king and comes when someone has prepared for him to come. History shows the people that prayed (John the Baptist ministry) prepared the way for the Jesus prophetic ministry which is marked with harvest, compassion, and signs and wonders. The Hebrides revival had several old ladies praying (John the Baptist) until it was time.  They then sent for Duncan Campbell (Jesus ministry) and revival broke out when he came.

     Sometimes we get to be a John the Baptist prophetic person and other times a Jesus type prophetic person.

How do you know your in a John season? You have a group of people you are passionate to see return to Jesus. You war over them with intercession, tears, declarations and sermons saying come back to God. You cry out to them to return to their first love. You sound like Elijah who cried out that the God who answers by fire is God. You feel so passionate for purity and heavens standard to be restored. This is a challenging way to live at times as people try to calm you down. They say why are you getting so worked up over things, All is well. They don’t see the standard of heaven you know God is shouting to his people to step into.

      Of course, you have to learn to be sweet when people are slow to catch the fire. If not you could get more cranky and find yourself getting swatted by a Jezebel word or a Herod sword that cuts off your head. That’s the challenge of a John the Baptist type ministry. Now I feel like we can learn to carry that anointing with grace in our heart even if others take a while to catch what we see. It takes humility, graciousness, patience, kindness, and living in Gods acceptance as you bridge the gap between the word your carrying and where people are currently at. But it’s possible, I’ve done it. 

      If you can stay sweet through the John the Baptist season sometimes God will allow you to step into Jesus prophetic ministry; signs and wonders, compassion, and harvest. I’ve walked in both seasons and prophet types back and forth, over and over.

     Those walking in the Jesus prophetic anointing sometimes can get frustrated with those carrying the John mantle. They say oh the harvest is here, let’s rejoice, Gods good... and they should say that. But there can be one harvest going on through a Jesus prophetic ministry while another harvest is being birthed through a John type ministry. So we must learn to be gracious with one another when sometimes someone else is carrying a different grace then us.   Scripture says to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. This is about two different seasons of life and we could apply it here. Don’t judge those crying when your laughing. Don’t judge those laughing when your crying. You could both be in two different God ordained seasons.

     On an ending note we need to be ready to adjust if God is pulling us out of a John season into a Jesus season or vice versa. I’ve had seasons of prolonged tears and crying out for revival when God suddenly said you’ve prayed enough tears. Now it’s time to rejoice. That means the season has changed. Tears are sown for a revival later on. Joy is the precursor to a harvest. So what season are you in? Which prophetic ministry do you most connect to now? Embrace it, but watch for the shifts of season if your ministry suddenly changes. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s actually a sign that you did so well and the season changed because of it.  God is now going to reward you with another type of ministry. The reward is to be a harvester, isn't that why we pray.

     On the other hand don’t be sad if you get provoked to pray, weep, fast, and call people to awaken. It’s a John season. Both seasons are rewarding and fulfilling. God has you pray so he can entrust you with a harvest. In Matt 9:38 Jesus told his disciples to look around and see the harvest and then pray to God for harvesters. Then a verse later in chapter 10 he sent them out as harvesters. Prayer precedes harvest. The seasons don’t always have to be long. God just has to get you to catch his heart for people so he can entrust them to you.

      Let’s rejoice in the different places the people around us are in. You may be in the same family or church but some of you may be in John the Baptist mode while others are in Jesus mode. Of course both are about Jesus. I hope you have caught what I’m saying. UBU as my wife coined it. You be you. Be thankful for what season you're in. It’s important to God!


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