The School of Emerging Prophets is a Holy Spirit led coaching style school, available in Vacaville, California where you can discover if you are called to be a prophet. This school is an encounter oriented, activation style training that equips you to know where your sphere of influence is, what kind of a prophet you are, and teaches you the gifts and character needed to grow into a healthy and trustworthy new covenant prophet. 


Keith Ferrante: Founding Director

Keith Ferrante: Founding Director



1. Online Video School & Community

2. Evening Training Schools

3. Weekly Training Schools

Courses Include

  1. Discovering Your Prophetic Call
  2. Who You are as a Prophet
  3. Prophesy as a Prophet
  4. Types of Prophets 
  5. How to Be a Prophet of Fire
  6. Walking as a Seer
  7. Angels & Heavenly Encounters
  8. Prophetic Worship
  9. Prophetic Preaching
  10. Core Values of a Prophet
  11. Prophetic Acts
  12. Influencing Influencers as a Prophet
  13. Prophets and the Church
  14. Character of a Prophet


The Mission School of Emerging Prophets in Vacaville meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Students will also gather one Saturday each month for prophetic activations around the region. Each 9 Month Course is broken up into Six, 6 Week Modules with a week break in between each module. 


The tuition for The School of Emerging Prophets is 1800$. We do have a payment option of $900 paid before you start the first night of class as well as the remaining $900 the first week back to school in January. Also ask about our multiple family discount. A 5% discount will be given to those who pay the entire school fee at once. That total is 1710$ rather then 1800$

An additional $50 non-refundable application fee is due immediately following acceptance into the school.


Graduation Requirements

1. Complete successfully the 6 modules. You may miss one class per six weeks. 

2. Attend 4 of the 6 Saturday prophetic acts that occur once every six weeks.

3. Read all required reading. One book per six classes is required. 

4. Participate and engage in the class and personal growth through the year. 

This application is for attending the physical locations for Emerging Prophets School only and will take approximately 10 minutes. If you want to sign up for the Emerging Prophets online school you can sign up here.