Jack and Sharolyn Coldren: RTF Ministers

Jack and Sharolyn are full-time Restoring the Foundation ministers. This is an amazing extensive inner healing ministry. Many lives have been changed through their involvement in Restoring the Foundations.  They have not only received RTF ministry themselves but have led many others through the RTF process and have seen great results.  The Holy Spirit is their guide, and they partner with Him to walk people through the Restoring the Foundations ministry process.  They have also partnered with Emerging Prophets Ministry in getting many Emerging Prophets healthy and are highly recommended to anyone seeking a thorough inner healing. They meet live and online for those that would like to pursue this further. You can contact them or find more information about their ministry at http://www.rtfhopeforlifeministries.com.


Michelle Deuz: PROPhetic Processing

Michelle is a prophet with a strong pastoral gifting and years of experience as a prophetic trainer. Having stewarded a prophetic processing revelation for over a decade, Michelle is an invaluable resource to people looking to step into their destiny. Michelle's prophetic coaching experience includes teaching and mentoring with Keith Ferrante at Emerging Prophets in Vacaville, CA, serving as a prophet and pastor at her home church in Vallejo, CA for over 15 years, and mentoring individual sons and daughters to activate the call of God on their lives. 

Michelle’s ministry “Prophetic processing” is a process to dissect the parts and pieces of a prophetic word to understand what the Lord is saying about you, what He has given to you, and the steps you need to take to move towards the destiny He has for you. Through the process you’ll reveal keys, strategies, and instructions that He has already laid out for you to partner and engage with. Finally, she’ll teach you how to war and land your prophetic words to enter into the fullness that God has for you. This is about unlocking and activating what God has already put inside you and laid out before you. To find out more about her ministry go to www.propheticprocessing.com