2014 - The Year The Reformation Begins

2014 - The Year the Reformation begins!

     This is the year where the reforming of the church begins to take tangible shape. Things must change and I believe these are some of the keys to the change. 

1.  As people live out a lifestyle of sincere vulnerability fresh life will be revealed, removing doubt and establishing people's hope in God again. It will take many Fathers and Mothers in the faith to lie on the dead sons and daughters to restore life. Lying on the sons and daughters speaks to the vulnerability and openness it will take to bring back to life those that have lost life, hope, purpose, purity, and a future. Fathers and Mothers who share life with vulnerability will have greater favor and influence this year and will begin to truly create family. Church venues that catch this heartbeat will become more like a living room experience with healthy family gatherings and out of that lives will be transformed. Sons and daughters will start to come home in this atmosphere and once the word gets out that there's safety at home then many will flood to those places that have created home. 1 Kings 17.

2.  Exploration will begin to happen within the church service context to create more intimacy and a family feel causing the hidden things to come out so people can be healed. There will be a transition from preaching as the main emphasis to modeling family with true Fathers and mothers sharing their lives freely. 

3.  It took three times for the prophet to lie on the boy to see him come back to life. 1 Kings 17.  It will take perseverance with vulnerable fathers and mothers opening themselves up mouth-to-mouth, eye-to-eye, and body-to-body with the children of God to see a breakthrough. When the vulnerability has been persevered with then the people of God will begin to let their guard down and let the deep places of their heart be seen. 

4.  We can't speak change into people if we haven't allowed change to take place in us fully. We can't talk about the need to be completely honest if we aren't. We can't expect breakthrough from addictions to things of darkness if we are apart of that darkness ourselves. Jesus spoke to this when he said you want to deal with murder, anger is the same spirit, you talk about not committing adultery, and wrong use of your eyes is the same sin. Matthew 5. We can't help others out until we are completely free in the same areas ourselves. Our authority is going to come from a true place of purity and light. There will be more power released then we have experienced before from this place. 

 5.  Just as the sons of Sceva in Acts 19 were found to not carry genuine power and were beat up by the demonic so we must truly get to know the King so that our power will have backing. In Judges 16: As Samson's impurities and compromise eventually cost him his power.  We must take warning from that and get free of hiddenness and compromise so that a greater sustainable power will flow through us and the enemy will not have an open door. Darkness will have greater influence on those who have allowed darkness in but those who have embraced the light will have greater Kingdom influence and more peace.  All sustainable light comes from the revelation that Christ and us were buried in crucifixion, risen from the dead, and now are seated at the right hand of God.  By the Grace of God we are now children of light. We must put off anything that is not apart of our heavenly man. Eph. 5:8-12

6.  Worship will release the lightings of God as in 2 Chronicles 20 - Halal praise released confusion over the enemy’s camp causing the enemies defeat and victory for the people of God. One definition for halal praise is to flash forth light. 2 Chron. 20:25 - When we are truly walking as sons and daughters of the Father of lights our praise will flash forth light that will route the darkness and bring in great tangible spoils. Praise services will carry power when backed by people of purity who have embraced the one in them that is light. 

7.  The two things that are getting removed from the body right now are bitterness and sexual immorality. There are many offshoots to these and God is cleaning out every little inroad these have in our lives. Many have embraced these in smaller forms but these forms when they grow manifest into the full form and consequence (death) of that sin. Rom. 6:23. God is getting every bit of unforgiveness, judgments towards others, pride, prejudice, hate, hurt, impurity, compromise in what we look at, who we look at, what we desire, out of us that allow access for the enemy to steal our inheritance. Heb. 12:15-17. 

8.  Fathers and Mothers who have learned to walk free of these things will help many get free so that blessings can come again. In humility we must restore those who have been tainted by these sins. As we create a place of acceptance that leads to repentance from these things we will see a great harvest of souls start to come into the family. 

9.  Just as the prodigal’s father had to run towards the son and hug him, it'll take fathers loving and holding sons and daughters, removing the shame, and clothing them with new identity to see the children rise. Luke 15. We must take off the unclean identities that have been acquired by the world and put on garments of truth, light, love, humility, and heavenly identity onto the sons and daughters. This is our main job - To raise up people who carry this same heart. The emphasis must be on being a vulnerable, approachable, father or mother who doesn't need the title but walks in the grace of heavenly father to all those around them.  Whether people we encounter are friends, family, fathers, sons or daughters in each of these relationships we need to be manifesting the heart of the Father. All forms of the five-fold ministry and the ministry of the saints must come from this place as well. 

10.   Some characteristics of true father’s and mothers are: Approachable, identity givers, lovers, and protectors, tender and compassionate.  Fathers and mothers must be firm when necessary against any enemies that steal purity, but tender and gentle towards those they nurture.  There is a consistence needed in relationship with sons and daughters not just from the paid vocational pastors but all who carry the Fathers heart. There must be accessibility and availability from the Fathers to create and sustain freedom.  A listening ear and at the right time the sharing of wisdom and experience from ones personal life, whether it is the good, bad, or ugly is also needed. These are key characteristics required in those that carry the Fathers heart if sustainable breakthrough is to come.  

11.  The wow factor many still have for the platform and the pulpit (the platform and pulpit are still necessary and important) must be removed and a growing understanding of the ministry that reconciles people whether it is public or private must become our focus. There has to be some new models of how church looks even in our building setups if we are going to see the reformation that brings a great harvest. Every era has had a certain look in terms of buildings or gathering places. The high buildings with great architecture and distant podiums displayed a view of God as majestic that was preached in those days. We still see God as Majestic but what is he unveiling to us now? What will our buildings and gatherings physically create to resound the revelation of this reformation? There will be exploration of new types of communication that will better facilitate family, whether it is in large settings or small. Greater anointing comes as tangible atmospheres are created that line up with the message being communicated. We will move out of just preaching the need for family to modeling family, not just privately but publicly. 

12.  These two pictures of God below are key to embracing and sustaining this revelation. We must see God this way and have encountered him personally in this manner if we are to help be this for the sons and daughters. 

     1. Dad, the approachable, fun, kind, loving, strong, protector, provider, tenderhearted and nurturing one.

      2. Jesus, our husband who is looking into our eyes affectionately holding our hands and gently speaking in conversation with us, his bride. 

    Out of these two God identities our heavenly persona will emerge:

      1. We are people of light who carry the Fathers heart and are approachable, fun loving, strong, protectors of those in our care, providers with generosity, and nurturing. 

 2. We are the bride receiving the love of a good King and with gentle eyes tenderly speaking to people with kind words. 

     Once we are manifesting the nature of God in our identity then a greater harvest will certainly come. When Jesus walked the earth many people were attracted to the light and acceptance that he exuded. As we are walking in the light of God and Jesus is shining through us a greater harvest will surely come. 

Let the Reformation Begin!!!

Keith Ferrante




Word for the day:   Remembrance

        If we are to receive the reward God wants to give us we have to expect to be remembered by who we have served and loved. 

      In Esther's day, Mordecai was rewarded after being remembered for the good he had done in protecting the King. Soon after he was also promoted. 

       Joseph also was promoted after he was remembered by Pharaohs cupbearer who he had helped while in prison. The faithful use of his dream interpretation skills eventually caused him to be remembered and brought before Pharaoh. His moment had finally come.  Remembrance brought amazing reward and promotion. 

       Today as you go through your day expect to be rewarded and promoted as God reminds people of the good things you've done faithfully in his name. And then expect it again tomorrow...

Keith Ferrante



Remind the Lord

Word for the day: Remind the Lord!

"Remember, LORD, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes." And Hezekiah wept bitterly.

It's amazing that God cares about what we've done for him. Hezekiah is given 15 more years of life because of his prayer to remind the Lord of his good character and works. God heals him. For some reason God likes this kind of logic. He considers it faith. Have you asked the Lord for a miracle, a breakthrough, or even a promotion because you deemed what you did as worthy of being blessed?  Hezekiah did. 

      Cornelius is a new testament example of someone who got answered prayers because of what he did! in Acts 10 God rewards Cornelius because of his generosity and prayers. Why don't you be the next one who gets rewarded. Expect it and remind God of what you've done.

Keith Ferrante


Season of Promotion

THIS IS A SEASON OF PROMOTION. This promotion is bringing some into a season of fresh training, for others a season of acceleration, for others a season of change, and for some others a season of moving into new places, positions, and strategic partnerships. God is moving the puzzle pieces around for harvest time. It's the same season as when he brought John out of the desert with a word on his lips and Jesus out of the wilderness in power. Your coming out of testing and dryness into fruitfulness. You have been baptized in the baptism of purity. You have been in the 40 day season of testing. You did not choose to eat the bread of impurity but instead chose to only worship the King? You chose well and now he's sending you into a new season with power. Luke 4 is the word for the hour. 

     Don't think that you'll be doing nothing in this promotion. This is a crossing over into your promise land. It's time to take land... to work the fields... to get your hands into your harvest of provision, souls, family, and increasing the dreams of your heart. Proverbs16:9 says,  "in his heart a man plans the course and the Lord determines the steps." So take the next step. Do what is in front of you! This is the key to your harvest. When harvest is here you don't sit back and do nothing you get your sleeves rolled up and get into the work. 

     But you say, "I'm so tired from the fight to get to the promotion I'm now crossing into. Is this really promotion? More work?" 

   The Lord says, "Rejoice, thank me, celebrate, and enjoy the work before you. Do everything as unto me for I am with you. Spend time daily in my presence and I'll help you see the next step to bringing in the harvest of that day and give you the answers you need to solve the challenges you face. This is promotion so don't grow weary and faint or complain! You've been praying for this for a long time! I thought you would enjoy the harvest that is now upon you!"

Keith Ferrante


Word for 2016

I've waited a bit to release the word I felt God was saying for 2016. The word that he shared with me at the end of 2015 was that 2016 was going to be a Year of Bounty. 

     One verse He showed was Psalm 66:12 (NASB) 12 "You made men ride over our heads; We went through fire and through water, Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance." 

    Expect abundance and bounty in every area! God is going to be bringing you to a place of fruitfulness as you press into relationships. It is at the restoration of family that the financial curse will be broken. Malachi 4:6. 

      In the healing of hearts relationships are restored. From the place of fresh honor flowing back and forth between people previously at odds inheritance in many expressions will flow. 

    Expect a bountiful year as you intentionally go after a higher level of relational connection and walk in the humility needed to bring restoration.

Keith Ferrante