THIS IS A SEASON OF PROMOTION. This promotion is bringing some into a season of fresh training, for others a season of acceleration, for others a season of change, and for some others a season of moving into new places, positions, and strategic partnerships. God is moving the puzzle pieces around for harvest time. It's the same season as when he brought John out of the desert with a word on his lips and Jesus out of the wilderness in power. Your coming out of testing and dryness into fruitfulness. You have been baptized in the baptism of purity. You have been in the 40 day season of testing. You did not choose to eat the bread of impurity but instead chose to only worship the King? You chose well and now he's sending you into a new season with power. Luke 4 is the word for the hour. 

     Don't think that you'll be doing nothing in this promotion. This is a crossing over into your promise land. It's time to take land... to work the fields... to get your hands into your harvest of provision, souls, family, and increasing the dreams of your heart. Proverbs16:9 says,  "in his heart a man plans the course and the Lord determines the steps." So take the next step. Do what is in front of you! This is the key to your harvest. When harvest is here you don't sit back and do nothing you get your sleeves rolled up and get into the work. 

     But you say, "I'm so tired from the fight to get to the promotion I'm now crossing into. Is this really promotion? More work?" 

   The Lord says, "Rejoice, thank me, celebrate, and enjoy the work before you. Do everything as unto me for I am with you. Spend time daily in my presence and I'll help you see the next step to bringing in the harvest of that day and give you the answers you need to solve the challenges you face. This is promotion so don't grow weary and faint or complain! You've been praying for this for a long time! I thought you would enjoy the harvest that is now upon you!"

Keith Ferrante